Shine Your Light

Do you shine your own light?

Recently Sydney hosted the annual celebration of light called 'Vivid'. This extraordinary light show is active for approximately three weeks, while thousands of people venture into the city to see the spectacle. Vivid is a showcase of some-ones' imagination - a trip down the 'light fantastic'.

While I was there this year, joining the thousands that night, I was amazed at the technology, the colour, the bright lights and mostly how everyone there was so eager to see 'the light'!

Why are we so eager to see the light in others, to follow a shaft of light leading no-where, and to only recognize light outside ourselves?
I wonder what it is that inspires us to view the created light of others? What is it that creates a sense of awe in us?

Light in itself brightens and highlights what is dark. We turn the 'light' on when it gets too dark to see, we use a torch to highlight the lock in the door, we use light to create a mood in our living spaces. We use a lamp to brighten the book we are reading. We use a flash-light to guide on the darkened path.

Light inspires us through colour and hue. We use colour to create mood, to lift us or indeed to dampen us. Colour is purely a frequency within the spectrum of light - our own interpretation of that frequency creates the emotion or reaction that we experience. A sunset may inspire you, but not others.

Light can be reflected back to us - when we stand in front of a mirror we see the 'reflected image' of ourselves. We see the world behind us reflected in our rear-view mirror while driving.

I asked myself if there was anything in my world that needed highlighting or a bright light shone on it?
I wondered about my own light - could it inspire others? I considered what others were experiencing in viewing my reflection.

It is commonly known that it takes 7 seconds to make a judgement about someone you have just met - it takes very little time to decide if this person is 'in your camp' or not, it takes a split second to decide if that person is 'cool enough' for you or not.
It is the 'illumination' or the 'reflection' or the 'colour' that we see in others, or maybe it is what they see in us...

There are some questions I want to pose to you today -
Do you recognize your own light?
Can you or will you shine your light?
Will you use your light to guide others or highlight their darkness?
How will you inspire yourself and those around you with your light?
Do you recognize your reflection?
Do you wonder how your reflection has distorted over time? No longer your innate essence but an unrecognizable created reflection.

These are all reasonable questions as we live in a world surrounded by others, influenced by others and dependent on others.

Your own light may have been dampened in childhood, through relationships or even in the workplace. Have you 'let' your personal and innate light be smothered or even changed in hue?

When we recognize our own light,
when we understand how we can inspire,
and when we know that our reflection is pure,
we will live a life of Calm, Flow and Balance.

If you would like help with any of these questions posed, or have any comments, contact me via this page to begin the journey.

Lisa - 0411361730


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