You will love the services of In2Balance Kinesiology if you are at the end of your tether with pain or simply because you're not living the way you want to and don't know what to do next?

You will love this if you want to find your self again - find your heart again - so that you will feel calm, empowered, energized and free.

How Will You Be Different?

You will feel calmer, able to move freely and be better balanced in mind, body and spirit and the 'new you' will play out in your life in various ways:

  • You will re-claim yourself and enable your heart to shine so that you will feel more confident and able to calmly respond to the stresses in your life.
  • You will feel the inner peace you long for and discover the 'inner stillness' that enables connection to yourself so that you feel empowered and able to live your life the way you want to.
  • Your fears and unhelpful emotions will be released so that you can move with grace and energy.
  • The physical reactions of your stress will be calmed and eased - pain, hormonal imbalance, immune system problems and cellular memory will all be calmed and balanced, so that you feel energized and at ease.
  • You will discover your treasure within - your heart - so that you can live your truly unique life in your individual creativity, integrity and trust.
We will work together to 'calm the beast inside', to bring your whole self into wellness and unity of purpose.

What Will Happen?

Holistic Kinesiology is unique because it uses gentle muscle monitoring to gain access directly to your subconscious and so allow your own innate wisdom to be the instigator and guide to your change toward health and well-being.

The goal in each appointment is to 'calm' your stress, bring 'flow' and energy to your whole being and thus allow 'balance' into your world. To read more about calm, flow and balance, click here...
Each appointment starts with a discussion about what has brought you to In2Balance Kinesiology... we will talk about your problem/stress/pain and then discuss a goal based on the life you want to live, or how you want to be different - we will work with this for the duration of the appointment. We will then move you to lie down on the treatment table and use muscle monitoring, discussion and other gentle modalities to go through the techniques and practises, (described below), that will enable change toward your desired goal or life change.
Your initial appointment (or 'Balance') may take up to 2 hrs and subsequent appointments up to 1.5 hrs.
We may work within a framework of multiple appointments - usually 3 appointments - depending on your need, however every appointment or 'Balance' with me is unique and guided by your own healing wisdom in relation to your stress or goal - your own experiences, perspectives and beliefs will inform each and every balance so your results will be unique to that session.
We will work together to find the key/s that will unlock your own healing potential - and discover the blocks, fears and experiences held within, that once served you well, but do so no longer. These blocks, fears, or experiences have altered your internal frequencies, so they are out of tune and you may be experiencing physical or emotional symptoms as a result.
We will find the stresses and out-of-tune frequencies in your body, mind and spirit and clear them in relation to your goal and the change you desire. I liken Kinesiology to Archaeology - we dig a little, discover treasure, clean it up, dig a little more, discover even more, then clean all the pieces, glue them together, fill the cracks with gold and there we have a beautiful treasure that was lost, but found again - that treasure is you!

What is the process..?

Each appointment will use a combination of Ancient traditional healing modalities and modern Western Science Practices.

I will use a combination of any of the following, but not exclusively:
  • Acupressure and Meridian Theory from Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Flower Essences and Essential oils as from many traditional cultures
  • Light, Sound and Colour therapies from traditional and modern theories.
  • Work based in modern metaphysical and epigenetic theories as well as energy work from more traditional systems.
  • Mindfulness, Visualizations and Focusing are used within the modern Counselling theories of our work together.
  • Posture assessments or Brain Function assessments may be used to guide and inform a Balance.

Sound therapy colour therapy Northern beaches Kinesiology

Every cell, each part of your body has it's own frequency, as each emotion does too. We will use these beautiful and gentle vibrational modalities to encourage and change the frequencies within you - from out of tune into your own individual vibration thus restoring well-being and health.

We will work together to tune those frequencies that have been altered or blocked - back to clarity and balance.

Each appointment is stand alone, within a larger framework, so at the conclusion of each appointment you will feel calm and confident and connected - you will have moved closer to your desired and long awaited for HEART.
At the conclusion of your Balance, you may be given work to do at home - this is to fortify the work done in the session, to continue your body’s work and to enhance your new way of being. You may also be given a Flower Essence or Homeopathic remedy to take home with you.
I advise a plan of three or four 'balances' to fully address your stresses and goals, though as everyone is individual, for you this may be less or may be more.
As you leave the appointment you will feel calm, peaceful and more at ease – you will sense calm, flow and balance. There will be a unity in body, mind and spirit that you may not have felt for a while.
Please stay well hydrated, drink plenty of water, eat healthy and nutritious food – especially as your body, mind and spirit begin to integrate the changes from the Balance.
If you want to find your 'treasure within' or to re-tune your internal frequencies, contact me via the form below, to find out how the work I do can help you on the path to a calmer, more in flow and balanced you.


Adult Session - $150

Child session - $85

Remote Session - $150

(Health Fund Rebates Available.)

Gift Vouchers and Packages..

Gift Vouchers.

These beautiful gifts can be emailed or sent via the post to your desired address.


Reclaim Yourself: 3 Sessions – $420
(Perfect for those wanting a 3 session plan toward calm, flow and balance, at a reduced price!**)
Be Well, Stay Well: 12 Sessions – $1560**
(Perfect for those wanting a check in and calm down session once a month to enable your best self all year!, at a reduced price!)
*To be used within 12 months of the first visit.
**Full payment at first visit or payment plan can be worked out.