A meridian is the equivalent of a ‘super highway’ for your energy to flow throughout your body. Qi flows through your body along the paths of the meridians and is either held or carried on that path.
There are 12 meridians that directly link to organs, and correlate to emotional and spiritual meanings.
As well as these 12, there are an additional or ‘extraordinary’ 8 meridians. These are the reservoirs of Qi and blood for the other 12, and they also circulate your ‘essence’.
Meridians are either Yin or Yang and paired with one of the opposite Yin/Yang. The Yin meridians are Lung, Heart, Pericardium (in arms), Spleen, Liver and Kidney (in legs). The Yang meridians are Stomach, Gall Bladder, Bladder (in legs), Large Intestine, San Jao, and Small Intestine (along arms).
Acupoints run along each meridian and are points with high electrical conductivity at the surface of the skin. These acupoints promote the harmonious flow of Qi through out your body. Acupressure can effect the Bio-chemical balance in our bodies and thus promote Calm, Flow and Balance.

The diagram below shows the Meridians, their map and some acupoints.

“How does that relate to me? I hear you ask...
To my pain? To my illness? To my anxiety? To my frustration? To my sense of worthlessness? To my sadness? To my ability to make choices? To my fear? To my self-care?

Our emotions, more than anything else, affect our Qi flow.

For example, when we feel angry, our Qi rises and may result in symptoms such as headaches, confusion or poor memory.
When we feel fear, our Qi and essence separate, and our Qi descends - which may result in symptoms such as dry throat, swollen legs/feet, or bones and joints lacking liquid.
When we feel sadness, our Qi disappears and dries up, possibly resulting in symptoms such as immune problems, liver problems, agitation or brittle hair.
When our Qi is stagnant or blocked or out of balance, it creates illness or inflammation, or pain, or exacerbates inherent weaknesses.

At In2Balance Kinesiology the meridian system and the flow of Qi is the basis of all sessions.

The ideal ‘Balance’ calms the Qi for a feeling of peace; moves the Qi so you sense freedom and movement. Finally the 'session' will balance the Yin and Yang meridians, balance the opposites and the stresses - which will result in you feeling more energetic,  more stable and knowing the strength from your core self.

It is through the meridian system, acupressure and other vibrational techniques that your Qi will once again flow, to bring about the Calm, Flow and Balance that you long for.

If you would like your Qi to flow again, or ask any questions, contact Lisa at In2Balance Holistic Kinesiology, located in Sydney's Northern Beaches - and together we can reclaim your body, mind and spirit.


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