Intention in Moments.

In the Moment with Intention..

Intention in our moments - It is mid December and I wonder where 2017 has gone?
Has time flown for you too?
As I look back on the past year, I remember many moments, remember many and varied emotions, and I remember a large amount of 'doing'.
They say that 'time flies when you're having fun'... I'm finding that time flies no matter if I'm having fun or not!
Which brings me to asking questions around what we do with and in our 'moments'? 

How do we live our every moment?
Are we thinking of everything except what we are doing at that time?
I often think of what is next, what I have to plan to make the next day work smoothly.
I often think of the past, of yesterday, of what I said and how I said it and how that could have been different.
I often think of what other people expect of me and how I can possibly achieve that?
Does this sound familiar to you?
I recently hosted a workshop on 'Calm through Christmas', where we discussed our fears and dreams of Christmas. The hopes and dreams for Christmas we discussed included being happy, relaxed, in harmony, comfortable, joyful, peaceful, thankful, in community and excited.
How marvellous does that sound?
So, how do we move from stress to peace?
 How do we move from a place of stress to a place of calm?
How do we rid our body of the stress it holds that in turn creates symptoms that we don't like?
I suggest the answer is in our


Or put another way, the answer is in the

This may take a little practice - to be aware of what we are doing, to not be thinking of anything else except what is directly in front of us.
When we make lunch for work or school, do we create our food without any thought for the process, for what it is? Or do we notice what each step is? Notice the smell and texture of the food we are preparing?
When you are walking, what are you noticing? 
Are you walking, being aware of what your muscles are doing? How they are moving? Are you noticing the people walking past you? Or are you aware of the flowers in bloom as you stride past them?
What do you notice in your moments?

I wonder if we notice the moments, will time still fly past?
Maybe it will, but we may remember more of it, or notice our own movement?

So, as we move toward another year and close 2017, what have you noticed? What have you been present for?

What would you like to change? Or what would you like to be different as 2018 knocks on the door?

What fills our mind becomes thought, habit, real and action - so fill your thoughts, your mind with intent toward 'noticing' and you will be at the starting line toward a different 2018.

As we head into the Summer holidays, this is a prefect time to practice our intention - while driving, actually notice the streets, the other cars at the lights or the number of cars on the road. While at the beach, notice the feel of the sun on your skin, the smell of the salt water. While playing backyard cricket, notice how much fun it is and how much the kids have grown or hit the ball further. When having a meal with friends, put the devices away and look at each other, notice the worry or the sadness or the excitement. These are simple examples, but can be powerful when used in your everyday.

When you wake in the morning, before you rise from your bed, set your intention for your day. "I intend to allow my heart to be open today", or "I intend to notice my thoughts today" etc... You know what your need or what you need to notice.. and if not, simply notice that!

If you need help or guidance in setting intention, or listening to your thoughts or body, contact me and we can begin the journey together. We can begin exploring a new way of being, of thinking and of living.

In Calm, Flow and Balance,


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