Frequency and Vibration.

How is your frequency and vibrations? Are you In Tune?

I recently heard an interview on the radio about spiders - while on their web, spiders can differentiate their prey from the vibrations they feel. If the vibration is big, it may be a cockroach and so the spider will not move. However, if the vibration is small, then it is probably dinner!

This started me thinking about vibrations and frequencies in our own worlds, in our bodies...

I wonder if there is a certain sound that calms you? Is there a colour that seems to soothe you, or even get your energy going? Have you found a particular location that you love? Does the ocean soothe you, does the bush calm you? All these indicate natural frequency matching - you are fortunate to listen to, and find what brings your own innate frequency back into homeostasis, or balance.

 Sometimes, however, we are attracted to frequencies that do us more harm that good, and may even result in pain or illness. Each emotion has it's own frequency, every belief has it's own frequency. If we are too judgmental (on ourselves and others), if we are feeling grief and unable to let go, if we are holding on to old beliefs that no longer serve us.... all of these and more fall into the broad spectrum of emotions and beliefs - so all of these will create certain vibrations within you and around you.

Each of our organs have their own frequency too. We know that we are made up of mostly water, with electric signals running through us constantly. Thus, there must be frequency, there must be vibration within us - to follow the natural laws of science. I wonder why we often negate the effects of vibration and frequency on us - we love watching TV, or movies - a creation of certain frequencies of light and sound. If our every day lives are filled with 'vibration' or 'frequency', I wonder why it is hard to believe that our inner body and emotions are vibrations too?

Have you ever met a person and 'felt' not quite right? Have you ever walked into a room and 'felt' something odd? Have you ever felt dis-connected after being angry? Or have you ever felt scattered and lost after a fright?

These may indicate a frequency mismatch or a vibrational change within you.

You may be attracted to frequencies that are mismatching to your own - this may be due to limiting beliefs or emotional stress and the like. Just as the spider can 'feel' dinner or danger on it's web, we too can 'feel' delight or danger.. We just need to listen to our innate wisdom and trust what we 'feel'. All too often we are told not to trust our inner wisdom - well, I encourage it, for it makes your heart sing and our spirit rejoice!

Vibration and frequency medicine is not new. Many ancient cultures have used 'vibrational medicine' as the norm - Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Indian energy centres (commonly known as Chakras) and Homeopathy are but a few. Today we see these therapies alongside modern Western medicine as support, and increasingly, as equivalent therapies.

Holistic Kinesiology uses the science of Vibrational Medicine to discover the underlying issues, emotions or beliefs that may be causing your dis-ease. What makes Holistic Kinesiology unique is the ability to use gentle 'muscle monitoring' to gather information, to access your sub-conscious and innate healing potential. Together, we build a picture of your dis-ease, and use any of the 'Vibrational Medicine' tools to calm and re-tune your innate frequencies within you.

At In2Balance Holistic Kinesiology, in Collaroy Plateau, we may use a variety of 'Vibrational tools' - including Acupressure, Flower Essences, Essential Oils, Sound, Colour, Energy Centres, and Crystals.

If you are feeling 'out of tune' or a little off your best, contact Lisa for an appointment and re-tune to your innate life frequency.

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