To Fear or Not to Fear?

To Fear or Not to Fear - the Question For Every Moment...

How beautiful is this time of year? Crisp and cool mornings followed by the warmth and blue sky of a promised change of season.

As We are starting to exit our season of winter and our bodies and minds are getting ready for the movement of spring, I am wondering how your winter re-charge has gone?

Winter is the season for slowing down, for re-charging our batteries and some inner reflection. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, winter is governed by the 'Water' element - a period of latent power with the possibility of movement and change.

The main emotion that flows when your 'Water' element is out of balance is 'fear'.
I have seen many clients recently who are in various stages and forms of fear - Anxiety, fear of the past catching up, fear of letting go, fear of opening to new thoughts or experiences and even fear of fear itself...

I am wondering how you are fairing with your own stillness and introspection that winter naturally brings? Have you been able to look into all of yourself, all of your essence - the light and the shadow. Now is the perfect time to reconcile yourself with your fears, your 'shadow' and to embrace your strength and latent power.

When we experience fear, our physiology changes - our heart rate increases, our eyes dilate, blood moves form our organs to our big muscle groups ready for the fight, our blood sugar levels increase, we breathe faster, our muscles tense up, we loose concentration and our adrenal system sends a flood of hormones and chemicals into our bloodstream.

Imagine what these reactions do to our general health if we stay in this 'fear' state for too long or too often - our bodies may start reacting in many ways - heart problems, blood pressure issues, headaches, hormonal imbalances, anxiety, focus problems and immune problems are but a few.

Fear is a natural response to danger - it warns us when danger is upon us and prepares our bodies and minds to react. However, our fear can be a learned response or an anticipatory response to a situation or event that will not actually harm us.

This is where Kinesiology, Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness and the like can really help - to re-condition your fear response and to calm your body, mind and spirit.

There are some proven strategies to help lessen your fear response:
breathing and relaxation techniques,
healthy eating (all about the gut/brain connection),
avoiding alcohol,
directly facing your fear (with caution and may need professional help).
(I was afraid of moths for many years - I couldn't be in a space where there was a moth flying or sitting. This stemmed from a picture I saw of a moth while I was in High School - a close up of a moths head that terrified me! In my mid 20's, I made myself stand underneath an outside light at night, allowed my fear to be felt, let the moths fly into me and eventually, after many nights, my fear was reduced to the point where I have no fear of moths).

Fear often makes us feel unsettled, and that we don't belong or that our tribe won't understand - we may be knocked off balance and unable to right ourselves.
It is important to take one step at a time when addressing our fear - to seek help, to find a mentor to walk with you, and find someone to talk with.

If your 'Water' channel is out of balance, you may experience lower back pain, general weakness, hamstring problems or knee problems. You may withdraw or try to overly control your circumstances. You may be overly driven and unable to rest or be still.

The 'Water' element is all about our WILL and WISDOM. In balance you may be determined and resourceful, confident and self-sufficient. In balance, knowing the difference between right and wrong is profound. In balance you will find stillness and be able to listen and move in a state of trust not fear.

Find yourself a place of inspiration and trust - my special place is by the ocean - yours may be under a tree, or high on a mountain top.. wherever you find joy that lightens your heart, go there! Go there physically or in your dreams... find that space and rest there, and as you leave, drop your fear or pain so that it doesn't come home with you.

The colour purple helps bring clarity and positivity to your mind. You can use purple to clear your mind and let go of negativity. Wear purple or burn a candle or sit on a purple cushion, or carry a piece of amethyst - put purple in your view to aid in the balancing of negative frequencies.

Lavender Essential Oil is always the go-to oil for calm and de-stress and can help in times of fear and anxiety. 

Marjoram Essential Oil is fabulous for times when you are feeling off balance and dis-connected.

There are a few Acupressure points that can help calm your fear or anxiety - gently press on these points with a few fingers. See the diagrams below: (Diagrams courtesy of "Accupoint Location Complete Study Tool" by Alon Lotan M.Sc).

For General Fear (Heart 7) - On the wrist crease on the little finger side of your wrist.

For Internal harmony (Pericardium 6) - On your wrist, a few finger widths from the crease in the middle of your wrist.

For Calm (Governing Vessel 26) - The point between your nose and top lip.

For Balance and Connection (Liver 1) - On the soul of your foot, in the middle of the ball of your foot.


So, as we start moving from winter to the next season, I encourage you to strengthen your energy, be still and know your innate wisdom and to trust your heart so that you can imagine your life
resting in Calm (not fear),
moving with Flow (not rigidity)
and being held in Balance.

If you need help or want to explore any of these ideas, please contact me on 0411361730;
or via the WWW at
or Facebook
or Instagram.

or in an emergency, contact:
  Lifeline on 13 11 14
or your local GP.

In Calm, Flow and Balance,


  1. Thanks for sharing these wonderful tips with us, especially the acupressure points that are so easy to use and are with us wherever we go 🙂

  2. Lisa Cohen is a wonderful practitioner who was really able to listen to me and understand my needs. I can’t recommend her highly enough!

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