Spring Has Sprung…

Lets bloom and grow and create...



Many people believe that Spring is the best time of year - when we can dust of the winter blues and leap forward into action - we can release the latent energy of winter and so start the new season with energy and creativity. We live in hope for the warmer weather nearly with us, and dream of the freedom and creativity that ensues.

This is when our plants form new growth, bloom, flourish and energise the world around them. Our animals spring to life also - the babies start appearing, the tiny chirping from above can be heard....

We cannot stop the winter or the summer from coming. We cannot stop the spring or the fall or make them other than they are. These are gifts from the universe that we cannot refuse. But we can choose what we contribute to life when each arrives
Gary Zukzv

For us, spring is a beautiful season - to clean out, to refresh, to create and begin anew, to express kindness and compassion toward ourselves and all those around us. It is the time for our dreams to blossom, to revive our senses and passions and live with renewed joy and hope.

Chinese Medicine Theories state that spring is ruled by the Wood element... what does that mean for you and I? A lot...

The two meridians that are paired within the Wood Element are Liver and Gallbladder. These elements in particular ensure the smooth flow of energy/Qi and blood, as well as storing the blood.

So, when these meridians are in harmony, you will feel motivated to be and do, you will know purpose in your life and allow the freedom of adaptability to flow with you.

When the Liver/Gallbladder Meridians are out of kilter, you may experience anger, frustration, resentment, you may feel rigid and tense, or use compulsive behaviour...

The Liver meridian is responsible for the smooth flow of energy/Qi, blood and emotions through your body. These will be most effected by stress and emotions held inside you. The parts of your body most effected by your Liver meridian are your tendons and ligaments, eyes and nails/hair.

The Gallbaldder Meridian governs decision making, planning, dreaming, inspiration and assertiveness.

To read more about Meridians, look at my earlier blog here...

The supernatural forces of spring create wind in Heaven and wood upon the Earth. Within the body they create the liver and the tendons; they create the green colour... and give the voice the ability to make a shouting sound.... they create the eyes, the sour flavour and the emotion anger..."
The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine


We have most things at our fingertips these days, we can buy anything we want at any time, we can write a letter or note 24/7, and we can eat and drink anything we want, no matter the season.

So, what is special about springtime that will help us live in the flow of the season, in the growth of the time?

  • The energy of the wood element is your 'ethereal soul' - the soul that leaves your body after death... springtime is the time to reflect on and become 'heaven on earth'.
  • Spring is a time to reflect on your focus - how do you see yourself? Do you focus on what you do? Do you focus on action? This focus leads to judgement and so limits your own expression and freedom of heart.
  • Spring is the perfect time to JUST BE...

Allow your soul to flow without limit, and so fully accept your heart. Allow your focus to JUST BE....


There are some simple ways to live each day in the energy of spring - what you eat, what you drink, your movement, your thoughts and your heart...



To detox/balance the winter heaviness and support the liver...


Baby green vegetables, lettuce, sprouts, basil, green tea, dandelion tea, mint teas, broccoli and watercress.

Eat and cook with black sesame, cardamom, celery, spring onions and seeds.

Each morning have a hot water and lemon juice to kick-start your energy and liver...

Try to eat as much 'in season' fruit and vegetables as you can:

apricots, artichokes, asparagus, avocados, carrots, chives, fava beans, fennel, leeks, mangoes, peas, pineapple, potatoes, rhubarb, spinach, and watercress.



As the weather warms up, you can finally head outside, breathe the fresh air, walk through the trees or feel the sand beneath your toes...

Moving your Qi is most important all year but specifically springtime is the time to renew your stretching, your eye exercises, building your core strength and simply moving again!

Qi Gong, Pilates, Yoga and walking are the perfect exercise regimes to get your body moving and your Qi flowing... (please consult a health professional before you begin a new regime if you have any pain or questions.)


  • Your Thoughts...

Your thoughts play a huge role in your life - your focus, your energy, your physical health and your perceptions.

When we feel out of balance in spring, we may feel anger, frustration, indecisiveness, irritability, procrastination and lethargy...

Your thoughts play a big part in how you perceive or react in a situation, or to a person - including yourself.

Check in with the words you use.. do you use words of judgment?

I should... You should.... they should...

I could, you could, they could...

I did...I am so...

I ate... which means...

they made me do...which means I....

the list could go in forever....

Instead, use words of empowerment and speak/think with no judgment attached...

I Choose to...I choose not to.... I will.... I won't...

I had an afternoon nap.

I ate....

I didn't pick up that call.

I feel...

When you are aware of the words you use and the meaning you place on them, you can begin to focus on your true meaning and perspective, on what will help you transform, bloom and grow through spring.  




Lets work toward on the highest expression of the Wood Element - benevolence - kindness, compassion, big-heartedness and goodwill.

When we act, speak and move from our heart with kindness, the world around must change and feel renewed! How our own energy will be light and uplifting. How our Qi will flow with vigor and love.

Springtime is the perfect time to re-claim your heart, to re-claim your innocence of thought and to transform your body into the blossoming, energetic beauty that is ready for you.

Happy blooming, happy new growth and happy spring!


If you would like support and guidance to change your words or thoughts or habits, contact me on the link below...

If you would like to let go of the old to allow new growth and creation, contact me on the link below...

If you would like to live from your heart, to live from, and to, your highest expression, contact me on the link below....

Intention in Moments.

In the Moment with Intention..

Intention in our moments - It is mid December and I wonder where 2017 has gone?
Has time flown for you too?
As I look back on the past year, I remember many moments, remember many and varied emotions, and I remember a large amount of 'doing'.
They say that 'time flies when you're having fun'... I'm finding that time flies no matter if I'm having fun or not!
Which brings me to asking questions around what we do with and in our 'moments'? 

How do we live our every moment?
Are we thinking of everything except what we are doing at that time?
I often think of what is next, what I have to plan to make the next day work smoothly.
I often think of the past, of yesterday, of what I said and how I said it and how that could have been different.
I often think of what other people expect of me and how I can possibly achieve that?
Does this sound familiar to you?
I recently hosted a workshop on 'Calm through Christmas', where we discussed our fears and dreams of Christmas. The hopes and dreams for Christmas we discussed included being happy, relaxed, in harmony, comfortable, joyful, peaceful, thankful, in community and excited.
How marvellous does that sound?
So, how do we move from stress to peace?
 How do we move from a place of stress to a place of calm?
How do we rid our body of the stress it holds that in turn creates symptoms that we don't like?
I suggest the answer is in our


Or put another way, the answer is in the

This may take a little practice - to be aware of what we are doing, to not be thinking of anything else except what is directly in front of us.
When we make lunch for work or school, do we create our food without any thought for the process, for what it is? Or do we notice what each step is? Notice the smell and texture of the food we are preparing?
When you are walking, what are you noticing? 
Are you walking, being aware of what your muscles are doing? How they are moving? Are you noticing the people walking past you? Or are you aware of the flowers in bloom as you stride past them?
What do you notice in your moments?

I wonder if we notice the moments, will time still fly past?
Maybe it will, but we may remember more of it, or notice our own movement?

So, as we move toward another year and close 2017, what have you noticed? What have you been present for?

What would you like to change? Or what would you like to be different as 2018 knocks on the door?

What fills our mind becomes thought, habit, real and action - so fill your thoughts, your mind with intent toward 'noticing' and you will be at the starting line toward a different 2018.

As we head into the Summer holidays, this is a prefect time to practice our intention - while driving, actually notice the streets, the other cars at the lights or the number of cars on the road. While at the beach, notice the feel of the sun on your skin, the smell of the salt water. While playing backyard cricket, notice how much fun it is and how much the kids have grown or hit the ball further. When having a meal with friends, put the devices away and look at each other, notice the worry or the sadness or the excitement. These are simple examples, but can be powerful when used in your everyday.

When you wake in the morning, before you rise from your bed, set your intention for your day. "I intend to allow my heart to be open today", or "I intend to notice my thoughts today" etc... You know what your need or what you need to notice.. and if not, simply notice that!

If you need help or guidance in setting intention, or listening to your thoughts or body, contact me and we can begin the journey together. We can begin exploring a new way of being, of thinking and of living.

In Calm, Flow and Balance,



Grief - Inevitable yet Despicable.

"No-one ever told me that grief felt so like fear" (C S Lewis, A Grief Observed).

Grief - it happens to us all.

Grief is how each of us responds to loss.

Loss of a loved one, loss of a job, loss of a home, loss of a limb or another body part, loss of a pet, loss of a dream, loss of truth, loss of freedom, loss of looks, loss of youth, loss of children in the home - the loss of anything you hold dear or hold with importance.

Recently, a friend lost his battle with cancer, his family lost their beloved husband and father.

Recently, a friend was told of her redundancy from a 30 year career.

Recently, a friend lost her breasts to cancer.

Recently, a friend lost her beloved pet.

Recently, a friend lost his dream.

Recently, a friend lost his children through divorce.

Grief is the reaction to a loss - we all react differently, for grief is as individual as each one of us experiencing it.

Sometimes we negate our grief - to not show 'weakness' or 'vulnerability' or 'I don't have time for it'.

Experiencing grief has also been described as 'a sort of invisible blanket between the world and me. I find it hard to take in what anyone says... if only they would talk to one another and not me.." (C S Lewis, A Grief Observed).

In my experience, grief grabs you like nothing else can. Grief holds on like a boa constrictor; grief creates its own slow-motion movie; grief becomes the most important being in your life at the expense of  others; grief is like a fierce bush fire; grief shows your best and your worst; grief makes you want it all and nothing at the same time.

When we experience grief, we experience a Tsunami of emotions:

Fear- of the future, of being alone, of self worth, of your own mortality, of forgetting.

Anger - Why did you leave me? Why did God let that happen? I've been such a good/loyal

                 employee! I/they could have done more.

Guilt - For needing help. I should have done/been more. I should have spent more time...

Shame - For feeling any of the above, for hurting so much, for needing help, for appearing


Overwhelm - how can I cope? How can I do it all? How can I get out of bed? How can I eat?

                 How can I live up to expectations? How can I look after myself/kids/parent...?

During grief we may feel some of these, or all of these, even at the same time. It is such a confusing time, such a lonely time - even when you are surrounded by others.

There are stages of grief - shock/denial, pain/guilt, anger, bargaining, depression/reflection/loneliness, reconstructing and acceptance/hope. These may appear in any order, back to front, upside down or all in the same moment and back again!  

You may feel no-one else knows how you feel - you may feel isolated and alone. It is right that no-one knows how you are feeling, for how you are feeling will be informed by your own past experiences, your own beliefs, your own world view and your own self promises.

What you will have in common with others during grief, are the waves of emotion, the vulnerability, the pain and the loss.

In modern life, in the lives we live, we are encouraged 'get over' things before their time - leaving hospital four hours after child birth, return to work too soon after an operation etc... It is the same with grief - the perceived expectation that you will be 'over it' in a week, in a month, a year? The truth is that grief has a mind of its own, will stay around as long as it wants, will create a life of sorrow and isolation for ever if you allow it.

You may start to feel bitter, lonely, non-trusting or you simply pretend how you are, you may wear a mask to show the world a reflection of what you think they want. At some time and for your own reasons these may be valid, but not forever, not to envelope your world.

The challenge within grief is to remain open-hearted, to allow your vulnerability, to let go of bitterness or anger, to allow your memories their due respect and to allow the time itself.

During grief, your body feels it strongly.  Your body may enter the extreme stress reaction known as Fright/Flight/Freeze. Your body may react as if there is great danger around you and so begins the physical processes of danger within your body. This may last for a long time, until your body knows or feels safe again.

You may have trouble sleeping and experience a decrease in energy - the 'lethargy of grief'.

You may experience muscle aches and pains, shortness of breath, digestive issues, tightness in the chest or throat, being sensitive to noise, heart palpitations, queasiness/nausea, headaches, an increase in allergy symptoms, changes in appetite, weight changes, agitation and decreased immunity . These are all different ways that your body communicates about its special needs.

Grief can lead to serious disorders and health problems. 'Prolonged grief' is grief in its intense form 6 months after the event. 'Complicated grief' is when the feeling don't decrease. These serious issues may include suicidal thoughts, depression, difficulty completing daily tasks, an increase in tobacco or drug or alcohol use. You may experience increased irritability, numbness, bitterness, detachment, preoccupation with the loss or an inability to show or experience loss, or a decreased desire to attend work/school/social gatherings..

In Traditional Chinese Medicine the Lung meridian is most effected during grief. This meridian runs from under your collorbone on both sides, down each arm and finishes at your thumb nail on the outer edge . The Lung meridian also governs our breath and immunity. When our lung meridian is out of balance we may experience skin conditions, lowered immunity or even digestive issues because of the connection to the Large Intestine meridian.

The heart meridian is also knocked around during grief - love of others or ourselves can get severely shaken during grief.

During grief our energetic body will also be shaken, stirred, stretched or wounded. It is our energetic body that will then effect us physically and emotionally.

During grief, your most basic and special need is 'Nurture' - physically, emotionally, cognitively, socially and spiritually.

To nurture yourself you need to slow down and listen to your body. When emotions and beliefs are held in our bodies, stagnation and blockages may occur. To 'carry on' or 'keep busy' discourages self-nurture. We must allow courage within that will pay attention to our needs. Self care includes 'right actions, right living and right thoughts'. Indeed, self care is to be gentle on yourself, to be easy on your body and truthful in your spirit.

Allow time and compassion to travel with you through grief, so you may discover living and loving again.

There are some Essential Oils that can help support and nurture during grief - you could include oil in a bath, or burn it in an oil burner, or put some on a tissue and put it under your pillow...

Rose Oil - is fabulous for soothing, for love and compassion.

Melissa Oil - for shock or trauma.

Neroli Oil - for emotional support.

Patchouli Oil - for bereavement or depression.

Rosemary Oil - for confusion or lethargy.

Cedarwood Oil - for grounding.

Lavender Oil - for calming.

Jasmine Oil - for soothing.

Crystals that may aid in your support during grief are:

Rose quartz - for healing a broken heart.

Aquamarine - for release

Amethyst - for tranquillity and decreases blocks.

Moonstone - for optimism.

Apache Tear - for clearing negative emotions and for grounding.

My own experience with grief has taught me much:

Don't make big decisions for many months.

Don't use drugs/alcohol to numb yourself.

Don't drive yourself into the ground.

Don't stop your normal routine.

Do Write/draw/sketch/sew/knit to express yourself and let some of your internal world out.

Do honour yourself and that which is lost by:


   plant a tree/favourite plant

   make a 'memories album'

   get a tattoo

   burn candles/incense

   learn something new that you have always wanted to

   self care/self passion/ self inner work.

There will come a time, there will be a day that you find a smile - do it! Don't feel guilty, don't feel your are not honouring your loved one, but do feel able to find a spark in your day, in your eye and in your world. One day you will actually laugh out loud - do it without guilt, without worry and without doubt. One day you will wake up and head to work without despair - embrace that day, for it means there is light at the end of the tunnel. One day you may not think of your grief until lunch time... don't feel guilty, don't feel dis-loyal, but know you can have time where there is no grief. You will have good days and bad days - the ebb and flow of grief - the waves crashing in and flowing out. There will be many 'firsts' to experience - know that they will come and be prepared for the memories, the pain and the remembered grief.

In my experience, grief never leaves you, but the intensity changes greatly with time. Grief will stay with you, but you will learn to leave it where it belongs, so that it doesn't hold you like a Boa Constrictor, but rather the gentle touch of a lover.

Through periods of grief in my life I have held fast to the words of the Psalmist - "He will cover you with His feathers, and under His wings you will find refuge, His faithfulness will be your shield and rampart" (Psalm 91:4)

If you think you are experiencing grief, if you think you need help to self-care or self-nurture, please seek professional help.

You may seek help from family members or friends. I urge you to reach out, to seek help, to show vulnerability so that you may move through your grief, so that you can eventually learn to smile, to laugh and to live with all your heart.

Kinesiology can help repair your energy fields, can help your meridians flow, can help held emotions move from your body and can also support you through the pain of loss and grief.

If you would like help, or need advise, please contact me and I will be honoured to walk with you through your grief and help you recover with gentleness and grace.

I would love you to leave a comment below - how you have made it through the Tsunami of grief. Let's support each other with our stories and our experiences.

You can contact me on 0411361730;
email lisacohen1@optusnet.com.au
or via the WWW at in2balancekinesiology.com.au
or Facebook
or Instagram.

or in an emergency, contact:
  Lifeline on 13 11 14
or your local GP.

In Calm, Flow and Balance,

To Fear or Not to Fear?

To Fear or Not to Fear - the Question For Every Moment...

How beautiful is this time of year? Crisp and cool mornings followed by the warmth and blue sky of a promised change of season.

As We are starting to exit our season of winter and our bodies and minds are getting ready for the movement of spring, I am wondering how your winter re-charge has gone?

Winter is the season for slowing down, for re-charging our batteries and some inner reflection. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, winter is governed by the 'Water' element - a period of latent power with the possibility of movement and change.

The main emotion that flows when your 'Water' element is out of balance is 'fear'.
I have seen many clients recently who are in various stages and forms of fear - Anxiety, fear of the past catching up, fear of letting go, fear of opening to new thoughts or experiences and even fear of fear itself...

I am wondering how you are fairing with your own stillness and introspection that winter naturally brings? Have you been able to look into all of yourself, all of your essence - the light and the shadow. Now is the perfect time to reconcile yourself with your fears, your 'shadow' and to embrace your strength and latent power.

When we experience fear, our physiology changes - our heart rate increases, our eyes dilate, blood moves form our organs to our big muscle groups ready for the fight, our blood sugar levels increase, we breathe faster, our muscles tense up, we loose concentration and our adrenal system sends a flood of hormones and chemicals into our bloodstream.

Imagine what these reactions do to our general health if we stay in this 'fear' state for too long or too often - our bodies may start reacting in many ways - heart problems, blood pressure issues, headaches, hormonal imbalances, anxiety, focus problems and immune problems are but a few.

Fear is a natural response to danger - it warns us when danger is upon us and prepares our bodies and minds to react. However, our fear can be a learned response or an anticipatory response to a situation or event that will not actually harm us.

This is where Kinesiology, Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness and the like can really help - to re-condition your fear response and to calm your body, mind and spirit.

There are some proven strategies to help lessen your fear response:
breathing and relaxation techniques,
healthy eating (all about the gut/brain connection),
avoiding alcohol,
directly facing your fear (with caution and may need professional help).
(I was afraid of moths for many years - I couldn't be in a space where there was a moth flying or sitting. This stemmed from a picture I saw of a moth while I was in High School - a close up of a moths head that terrified me! In my mid 20's, I made myself stand underneath an outside light at night, allowed my fear to be felt, let the moths fly into me and eventually, after many nights, my fear was reduced to the point where I have no fear of moths).

Fear often makes us feel unsettled, and that we don't belong or that our tribe won't understand - we may be knocked off balance and unable to right ourselves.
It is important to take one step at a time when addressing our fear - to seek help, to find a mentor to walk with you, and find someone to talk with.

If your 'Water' channel is out of balance, you may experience lower back pain, general weakness, hamstring problems or knee problems. You may withdraw or try to overly control your circumstances. You may be overly driven and unable to rest or be still.

The 'Water' element is all about our WILL and WISDOM. In balance you may be determined and resourceful, confident and self-sufficient. In balance, knowing the difference between right and wrong is profound. In balance you will find stillness and be able to listen and move in a state of trust not fear.

Find yourself a place of inspiration and trust - my special place is by the ocean - yours may be under a tree, or high on a mountain top.. wherever you find joy that lightens your heart, go there! Go there physically or in your dreams... find that space and rest there, and as you leave, drop your fear or pain so that it doesn't come home with you.

The colour purple helps bring clarity and positivity to your mind. You can use purple to clear your mind and let go of negativity. Wear purple or burn a candle or sit on a purple cushion, or carry a piece of amethyst - put purple in your view to aid in the balancing of negative frequencies.

Lavender Essential Oil is always the go-to oil for calm and de-stress and can help in times of fear and anxiety. 

Marjoram Essential Oil is fabulous for times when you are feeling off balance and dis-connected.

There are a few Acupressure points that can help calm your fear or anxiety - gently press on these points with a few fingers. See the diagrams below: (Diagrams courtesy of "Accupoint Location Complete Study Tool" by Alon Lotan M.Sc).

For General Fear (Heart 7) - On the wrist crease on the little finger side of your wrist.

For Internal harmony (Pericardium 6) - On your wrist, a few finger widths from the crease in the middle of your wrist.

For Calm (Governing Vessel 26) - The point between your nose and top lip.

For Balance and Connection (Liver 1) - On the soul of your foot, in the middle of the ball of your foot.


So, as we start moving from winter to the next season, I encourage you to strengthen your energy, be still and know your innate wisdom and to trust your heart so that you can imagine your life
resting in Calm (not fear),
moving with Flow (not rigidity)
and being held in Balance.

If you need help or want to explore any of these ideas, please contact me on 0411361730;
email lisacohen1@optusnet.com.au
or via the WWW at in2balancekinesiology.com.au
or Facebook
or Instagram.

or in an emergency, contact:
  Lifeline on 13 11 14
or your local GP.

In Calm, Flow and Balance,

Shine Your Light

Do you shine your own light?

Recently Sydney hosted the annual celebration of light called 'Vivid'. This extraordinary light show is active for approximately three weeks, while thousands of people venture into the city to see the spectacle. Vivid is a showcase of some-ones' imagination - a trip down the 'light fantastic'.

While I was there this year, joining the thousands that night, I was amazed at the technology, the colour, the bright lights and mostly how everyone there was so eager to see 'the light'!

Why are we so eager to see the light in others, to follow a shaft of light leading no-where, and to only recognize light outside ourselves?
I wonder what it is that inspires us to view the created light of others? What is it that creates a sense of awe in us?

Light in itself brightens and highlights what is dark. We turn the 'light' on when it gets too dark to see, we use a torch to highlight the lock in the door, we use light to create a mood in our living spaces. We use a lamp to brighten the book we are reading. We use a flash-light to guide on the darkened path.

Light inspires us through colour and hue. We use colour to create mood, to lift us or indeed to dampen us. Colour is purely a frequency within the spectrum of light - our own interpretation of that frequency creates the emotion or reaction that we experience. A sunset may inspire you, but not others.

Light can be reflected back to us - when we stand in front of a mirror we see the 'reflected image' of ourselves. We see the world behind us reflected in our rear-view mirror while driving.

I asked myself if there was anything in my world that needed highlighting or a bright light shone on it?
I wondered about my own light - could it inspire others? I considered what others were experiencing in viewing my reflection.

It is commonly known that it takes 7 seconds to make a judgement about someone you have just met - it takes very little time to decide if this person is 'in your camp' or not, it takes a split second to decide if that person is 'cool enough' for you or not.
It is the 'illumination' or the 'reflection' or the 'colour' that we see in others, or maybe it is what they see in us...

There are some questions I want to pose to you today -
Do you recognize your own light?
Can you or will you shine your light?
Will you use your light to guide others or highlight their darkness?
How will you inspire yourself and those around you with your light?
Do you recognize your reflection?
Do you wonder how your reflection has distorted over time? No longer your innate essence but an unrecognizable created reflection.

These are all reasonable questions as we live in a world surrounded by others, influenced by others and dependent on others.

Your own light may have been dampened in childhood, through relationships or even in the workplace. Have you 'let' your personal and innate light be smothered or even changed in hue?

When we recognize our own light,
when we understand how we can inspire,
and when we know that our reflection is pure,
we will live a life of Calm, Flow and Balance.

If you would like help with any of these questions posed, or have any comments, contact me via this page to begin the journey.

Lisa - 0411361730



Your Winter Wonderland in Calm, Flow and Balance.

 Winter -  time to slow down and re-energize.

Some love the cold, some don't. Some love to rug up, some don't. Some love the slowness of winter, some don't.

How do we find our Calm, Flow and Balance in Winter?

During winter plants lie dormant, their growth is stalled, they lay still and silent. Animals hibernate during the clod months of winter for the conservation of energy and restoration. So, as with the rest of the natural world, we too need to slow down, rest, conserve energy and restore ourselves during the cold winter months.

Winter is the culmination of the life cycle - the time to pause, rest and renew. Our bodies, our minds and our spirits need rest and renewal. By this time of year we may feel overwhelmed and exhausted - our bodies are telling us what we need in this season - to stop, reflect, rest and recuperate.

In this 'down time' we find space and in the silence we dream, we imagine and we create.

Many friends have recently talked of needing inner 'space', of needing 'breathing space' or needing silence. I can only imagine it is their innate seasonal wisdom speaking. The problem is that all too often we don't listen and we just keep going at full pace.

Is your innate wisdom asking you to slow down, to look inwards, to rest and restore? Why not start living for the season right now? Why not be part of the natural cycle, not fight it?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, winter is governed by the Water Element, which represents Qi energy in its most essential form. This Qi holds the potential for our growth and development and it also signifies our life force in its most primal condition.

The Water Element is directly related to will, drive and determination.

Being the most 'Yin' of the five elements, the Water Element is characterised by rest, passivity and receptivity (amongst other things). This season the winter is vital for storing our Qi - to rest and repair. If we don't rest in this period we will have little energy for the growth and movement needed for spring. The Water Element season of winter is all about restoring energy, replenishing strength, resting, looking inward, relaxing your mind, calming your emotions and enlivening your spirit.

The meridians associated with the Water Element are the Kidney and Bladder channels. The Kidneys are the source of all Yin and Yang (energetic balance), rule the bones and teeth, manifest in the hair and open into the ears and are known as the 'kidney-adrenal glands'.  Emotions/concepts often associated with the Kidney Meridian are: fear, anxiety, numbness, disconnect, potential and wisdom. The Bladder stores and eliminates fluid waste, and the emotions/concepts related to this Meridian are: control, drive, safety, security, impatience and will.

When we rest in the stillness of winter, we allow ourselves space within to dream, and to imagine and create opportunities. It is these reams and imaginings that will guide us in the next season. 

In this stillness and rest, your inner strength will be restored and repaired.

The other side of the Water Element is 'fear' - when you doubt your own strength, when you feel alone or dis-connected, fear may paralyze and freeze you, so that you feel like you are in the long period of winter darkness. In response to the fear, you may seek to withdraw or control your environment and become restless and driven. Some physical symptoms that may show your Water Element is out of balance are: lower back pain, knee pain/weakness, water retention, fatigue, vertigo/dizziness.

If you are experiencing any of these physical or emotional symptoms that may suggest an out of balance Water Element, or if you would like to explore ways to slow down an energize your Qi- contact me and we can work on these things together - so that you can live in Calm, Flow and Balance throughout the winter and beyond.

Some simple suggestions to live in harmony with the season through winter is to eat seasonally. Some examples of fruit and vegetables that are in season through winter include:

apple, avocado, grapefruit, kiwi fruit, lemon, lime, mandarin, pear, persimmon, rhubarb, Asian greens, beetroot, broccoli, brussell sprouts, carrot, cauliflower, fennel, leek, mushrooms, onion, ginger, coriander, dill, garlic, mint, oregano, parsley, rosemary and thyme.

When planning your meals through winter, think of slow-cooked dishes, as your body will love the nutrients and warmth from the slow-cooked process. I love my slow cooker and can create some wonderful meals with little fuss. Soups and broths will support your stillness and your Qi renewal.

I also love experimenting with teas - green tea with lemon and hone, or with ginger and lemon and turmeric.. the combinations are endless!

Be mindful to include herbs and spice to your cooking - to strengthen and boost your immune system - thyme, garlic, ginger, lemon and parsley.

When battling a cold or flu or trying to boost your immune system, essential oils can help too:

       Peppermint essential oil - anti-bacterial properties and helps clear coughs and a       blocked nose.

Cinnamon essential oil or fresh in cooking - anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.

Eucalyptus essential oil - can aid with asthma and bronchitis, coughs and fever.

Lemon essential oil - air purification,

Tee Tree essential oil - anti-bacterial, anti-viral.

Thyme essential oil - anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and help with bronchitis and a cold.

I love winter, simply because it allows and encourages me to 'bunker down', to hide a little, to regenerate, to be silent, to listen in the silence and to regenerate my weary Qi.

I encourage you to take hold of what winter means in all of the natural world - to rest, to slow down, conserve energy. Listen to your heart and discover your imagination and your dreams again.

Contact Lisa at In2Balance Holistic Kinesiology if you would like help or advice throughout your winter journey.

Enjoy the Winter Wonderland to come!


Frequency and Vibration.

How is your frequency and vibrations? Are you In Tune?

I recently heard an interview on the radio about spiders - while on their web, spiders can differentiate their prey from the vibrations they feel. If the vibration is big, it may be a cockroach and so the spider will not move. However, if the vibration is small, then it is probably dinner!

This started me thinking about vibrations and frequencies in our own worlds, in our bodies...

I wonder if there is a certain sound that calms you? Is there a colour that seems to soothe you, or even get your energy going? Have you found a particular location that you love? Does the ocean soothe you, does the bush calm you? All these indicate natural frequency matching - you are fortunate to listen to, and find what brings your own innate frequency back into homeostasis, or balance.

 Sometimes, however, we are attracted to frequencies that do us more harm that good, and may even result in pain or illness. Each emotion has it's own frequency, every belief has it's own frequency. If we are too judgmental (on ourselves and others), if we are feeling grief and unable to let go, if we are holding on to old beliefs that no longer serve us.... all of these and more fall into the broad spectrum of emotions and beliefs - so all of these will create certain vibrations within you and around you.

Each of our organs have their own frequency too. We know that we are made up of mostly water, with electric signals running through us constantly. Thus, there must be frequency, there must be vibration within us - to follow the natural laws of science. I wonder why we often negate the effects of vibration and frequency on us - we love watching TV, or movies - a creation of certain frequencies of light and sound. If our every day lives are filled with 'vibration' or 'frequency', I wonder why it is hard to believe that our inner body and emotions are vibrations too?

Have you ever met a person and 'felt' not quite right? Have you ever walked into a room and 'felt' something odd? Have you ever felt dis-connected after being angry? Or have you ever felt scattered and lost after a fright?

These may indicate a frequency mismatch or a vibrational change within you.

You may be attracted to frequencies that are mismatching to your own - this may be due to limiting beliefs or emotional stress and the like. Just as the spider can 'feel' dinner or danger on it's web, we too can 'feel' delight or danger.. We just need to listen to our innate wisdom and trust what we 'feel'. All too often we are told not to trust our inner wisdom - well, I encourage it, for it makes your heart sing and our spirit rejoice!

Vibration and frequency medicine is not new. Many ancient cultures have used 'vibrational medicine' as the norm - Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Indian energy centres (commonly known as Chakras) and Homeopathy are but a few. Today we see these therapies alongside modern Western medicine as support, and increasingly, as equivalent therapies.

Holistic Kinesiology uses the science of Vibrational Medicine to discover the underlying issues, emotions or beliefs that may be causing your dis-ease. What makes Holistic Kinesiology unique is the ability to use gentle 'muscle monitoring' to gather information, to access your sub-conscious and innate healing potential. Together, we build a picture of your dis-ease, and use any of the 'Vibrational Medicine' tools to calm and re-tune your innate frequencies within you.

At In2Balance Holistic Kinesiology, in Collaroy Plateau, we may use a variety of 'Vibrational tools' - including Acupressure, Flower Essences, Essential Oils, Sound, Colour, Energy Centres, and Crystals.

If you are feeling 'out of tune' or a little off your best, contact Lisa for an appointment and re-tune to your innate life frequency.



A meridian is the equivalent of a ‘super highway’ for your energy to flow throughout your body. Qi flows through your body along the paths of the meridians and is either held or carried on that path.
There are 12 meridians that directly link to organs, and correlate to emotional and spiritual meanings.
As well as these 12, there are an additional or ‘extraordinary’ 8 meridians. These are the reservoirs of Qi and blood for the other 12, and they also circulate your ‘essence’.
Meridians are either Yin or Yang and paired with one of the opposite Yin/Yang. The Yin meridians are Lung, Heart, Pericardium (in arms), Spleen, Liver and Kidney (in legs). The Yang meridians are Stomach, Gall Bladder, Bladder (in legs), Large Intestine, San Jao, and Small Intestine (along arms).
Acupoints run along each meridian and are points with high electrical conductivity at the surface of the skin. These acupoints promote the harmonious flow of Qi through out your body. Acupressure can effect the Bio-chemical balance in our bodies and thus promote Calm, Flow and Balance.

The diagram below shows the Meridians, their map and some acupoints.

“How does that relate to me? I hear you ask...
To my pain? To my illness? To my anxiety? To my frustration? To my sense of worthlessness? To my sadness? To my ability to make choices? To my fear? To my self-care?

Our emotions, more than anything else, affect our Qi flow.

For example, when we feel angry, our Qi rises and may result in symptoms such as headaches, confusion or poor memory.
When we feel fear, our Qi and essence separate, and our Qi descends - which may result in symptoms such as dry throat, swollen legs/feet, or bones and joints lacking liquid.
When we feel sadness, our Qi disappears and dries up, possibly resulting in symptoms such as immune problems, liver problems, agitation or brittle hair.
When our Qi is stagnant or blocked or out of balance, it creates illness or inflammation, or pain, or exacerbates inherent weaknesses.

At In2Balance Kinesiology the meridian system and the flow of Qi is the basis of all sessions.

The ideal ‘Balance’ calms the Qi for a feeling of peace; moves the Qi so you sense freedom and movement. Finally the 'session' will balance the Yin and Yang meridians, balance the opposites and the stresses - which will result in you feeling more energetic,  more stable and knowing the strength from your core self.

It is through the meridian system, acupressure and other vibrational techniques that your Qi will once again flow, to bring about the Calm, Flow and Balance that you long for.

If you would like your Qi to flow again, or ask any questions, contact Lisa at In2Balance Holistic Kinesiology, located in Sydney's Northern Beaches - and together we can reclaim your body, mind and spirit.



As we come out of summer, from the relaxed and carefree days, we now come to Autumn – a time of introspection and harvest. The days are shorter, the leaves change and we prepare for the coming winter.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) talks of each season being dominated by an element, with particular Meridians associated with organs in the body. Autumn is dominated by the Metal element, associated with the Lung and Large Intestine Meridians.

Autumn, through the Lung meridian is associated with ‘grief and loss’, of attachment, organisation, and setting limits and protecting boundaries – breath in the new to clear and cleanse. The Large Intestine Meridian is associated with ‘letting go’ of waste. Thus, emotionally, Autumn is the perfect time to let go of what we are holding onto that doesn’t serve us any more. Autumn is a time to slow down and replenish.

One way to lead a life of ‘Calm, Flow and Balance’ is to live in harmony with the seasons:

1. To organise and complete projects not yet finished – be gentle and methodical.

2. Let go - of hurts, negativity, resentments and physical clutter.

3. Breathe – meditate/relax/pray/find quiet. Deep breathing is a secret trick to staying healthy throughout Autumn.

4. Drink plenty of water.

5. Cleanse your body of toxins – eating healthy food and reduce sugar and gluten.

6. Sleep longer.

7. Eat slower cooked food, more soup, less salads.

Autumn foods include: Sweet Potato, Garlic, Ginger, Cabbage, Carrots, Pears, Apples, Walnuts, Leaks, Broccoli, Apricot, Cinnamon, Pumpkin and Banana. Autumn is known for it’s dryness, influencing our inner and outer selves. You may experience dry lips, hair, throat, dry cough, constipation, hair loss and itchiness. Your body needs extra fluids to counteract the dry environment with foods such as cooked pears and apples, chicken broth, honey, eggs, coconut oil, pumpkin, lemon, grapefruit, stews, soups, bay leaves, cloves, cinnamon, dill, fennel, rosemary and turmeric.