The Mystery

I was moved and inspired at Minyon Falls - I was confused at the idea to 'just be', of a 'pure life' and 'harmony'. When we sit in quiet, calm the voices around us and listen to the silence, we can hear so much wisdom, so much of ourselves that we miss every day.


The damp ground and the

green light

hold the mystery of life

in their hands.


The drops glisten, giving

glamour and society;

the roar projects its voice as

if in the Vienna Opera.


The stillness mesmerises,

the beauty transfixes.

I long to sit in the midst

until I too glisten!


You are a mystery to me.

I look and don't perceive,

I hear and don't understand

for yours is pure life.


You live for the sake of living

You sit on the branch as if

there is no other care.

You are because you are!


I want this life -

to be just because I am,

to live amongst the Mystery,

with Harmony and Honour.


Lisa Cohen - In2Balance Holistic Kinesiology 2017



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