A Love Affair With Stress

It occurred to me that sometimes we love our stress - love it because it is what we know, it makes us comfortable and keeps our sense of worth active. Sometime we live in a place for so long, we forget everything else and don't believe there can be a different place to rest, to be still and find our worth.

Does this sound like you? It was me for a long while, then I looked up and out, and learnt how to breathe again.

It’s what you know,

It’s what makes you comfortable,

It’s your default.


You love it,

You know it inside and out,

It knows you inside and out.



It treats you badly,

Makes you sick,

Stops you having fun,

Stops you being here and now,

Makes you stumble and fall,

Slaps you down at the first glimmer of contentment,

You feel misunderstood,




If this was your partner, wouldn’t you leave?

Look for a better life,

A life of joy,





Get up,

Tell your old ways to pack up and GET OUT of the house,

Slam the door behind them,

Get help and find your sunshine,

Your smile,

Your peace.


Move to a new place,

Throw out the remnants of your past lover,

Be kind to yourself,


Cuddle and be cuddled,

Open your heart,

Smile with all your being




Lisa Cohen - In2balance Holistic Kinesiology 2017


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