Sometimes we are buried by our memories, by our pressures, by our long lost dreams and our regrets.

I wrote this piece after being with a friend who was finding life so hard – hard to remember the time before the troubles, before the hardship and in the process, had lost herself.

Do you remember?
The day before the harsh word?

Do you remember the day before your heart sank a little?
Do you remember the day before your mind became anxious?
Do you remember the day before your spirit was torn?

I remember!
I remember hugs that warmed my heart,
I remember unbridled joy,
I remember exploring with an open heart,
I remember trusting openly,
I remember pure beauty in all things,
I remember laughter from deep within,
I remember fun in small things.
I remember my heart.
I remember my spirit.
I remember my being.

I remember.


Lisa Cohen - In2Balance Holistic Kinesiology 2017

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